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What does a Wedding Celebrant Do?

Updated: May 18

Brisbane Marriage Celebrant at a ceremony

The short answer is almost everything. Well, everything ceremony related.

We come in as many different incarnations as there are couples planning to marry, so out there somewhere is the perfect celebrant for you.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane Marriage Celebrant and we don’t seem to vibe after our meeting (highly unlikely!) I will probably be able to recommend a colleague that would be perfect.

Brisbane Celebrants are a close and supportive community.

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant performing legal duties

A Wedding Celebrant does all your legal paperwork for you.

Australian celebrants are qualified to handle all the legal stuff without you dealing with any bureaucracy.

In fact, we are the only country in the world where your celebrant looks after everything and then tells the government that you’re married. We get tested every year to make sure our knowledge of the Marriage Act is always up to scratch.

So, if we sound like we’re being picky when we make sure all the paperwork is correct and INSIST on seeing original documents, it’s the law and if we don’t get it right you may not be legally married after all.

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Backyard Wedding Ceremony with relaxed older couple.

A Wedding Celebrant works with you.

One of the biggest skills a celebrant can have is effective listening. We do what we do because we want our couples to have wonderful memories and the best day possible. You can’t do that if you have a set way of doing things and expect couples to fit your mold.

Sure we will put forward ideas, but that’s all they are. Take them on board or come up with your own cool stuff. You’re in charge. If you don’t like something in a script, tell them and they’ll change it to accommodate the vibe you want.

Some Brisbane Marriage Celebrants will give you detailed questionnaires to fill out to get the material they need to write for you. That’s very common; but I’m a bit different.

I want to spend time with you to really get to know what makes you tick and to work out how you communicate. I use a lot of big words and fancy grammar IRL (and cop a bit of stick from the extended family about it)… but if you don’t, you’re not gonna want a ceremony full of complicated wording that just sounds off, or fake, to you and your guests.

Brisbane Marriage Celebrant sets up great fun at the reception

A Wedding Celebrant Sets the Tone.

The ceremony is where the magic starts. It IS NOT the boring bit you have to suffer through before the party starts. I’m always a bit disappointed when couples tell me afterwards that they’re surprised at how much fun it was. Don’t rush it, don’t tell me “we only want something quick” thinking that your guests will be bored. EXPECT to enjoy it.

The aim is to have every single person at that wedding ceremony laughing, crying, cheering; involved in every magical moment. Leaving them on a high that will carry them through cocktail hour (or whatever they’re doing while you’re off having photos taken) so that once the reception is underway everyone is pumped and ready to party.

Brisbane and Moreton Bay Marriage Celebrant Sally-Ann Thomas

A Brisbane Celebrant can marry you anywhere at any time. With the exception of the 130 or so words that must be said to ensure the validity of your marriage, EVERYTHING ELSE is entirely up to you.

I’d everso love to have a chat with you and see if we can make some magic together. Hit up the contact page and let’s start a journey.

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