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Getting married in Queensland is a complicated legal process that involves many rules and regulations that you have to learn, many documents you have to produce, hours on hold to various government departments, or queuing in the hot sun outside their city office . . .

Yeah . . . Nah . . . you don’t have to do that, you’ve got me!

  1. You need to give 1 month’s notice

  2. You need proof of place and date of birth (Birth Certificate)

  3. You Photo ID and proof of residential address (Driver’s License)

  4. If you’ve been married before, proof that you’re not now.


There are three forms we will out together.

  1. Notice of Intended Marriage (minimum 1 month before)

  2. Declaration of No Legal Impediment* (maximum 2 weeks before)

  3. Certificate of Marriage (on the day).

* This is to confirm what you say in the Notice; that you’re not still married to someone else and not brother and sister etc.

I take care of the paperwork to register the marriage. If you want to order your official Marriage Certificate at the same time it’s less faffing about for you because I’ve already sighted your ID. If you order it later you have to send in certified copies (or go into the city in person).


When the marriage is registered they will send you an email with their invoice and once you pay it the certificate is mailed out to you.

You don’t have to order this certificate unless you want to change your name. The certificate I present to you on the day proves you are married, but it is not an official identity document because it doesn’t have enough detail. My advice is get it now even if you’re not changing your name. If there are any mistakes (and sometimes there can be) I can get them fixed for free in a few weeks. If you don’t know it’s wrong until 2047 I make no promises. 

There are 157 compulsory words that make up a legal marriage. The rest is completely up to you.