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Planning a funeral is something you may only do once in a lifetime and in the first stages of grief it’s important to be able to trust the professionals who are helping you navigate through foreign territory.

Funeral directors do this every day and have the tact and experience to help you make those difficult decisions. Your funeral director can assist with flowers, printing, transport, and playing any music or video presentations you have put together. Most have a few celebrants that they regularly call upon, but you are free to employ your own and I will work closely with your director to ensure that all your needs are met.

If you've arranged a private burial or cremation but would like to organize a memorial service that is where my services really come into their own.

My job is to put together the words. I will discuss with you the level of spiritual and cultural input required, take you through the order of elements in the service, and note who if anyone else will be speaking. I am always available to read others’ contributions if they are overwhelmed on the day.

I can provide help and support to a family member preparing the Eulogy or I can write and deliver it for you. You may have poetry, quotes or readings in mind, I can leave you with a selection to choose from, or perhaps write something unique for your loved one.

Together we can create the first day of a lasting legacy.

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