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9 Things that are NOT compulsory at your wedding.

I recently conducted a survey of newly engaged couples and was disappointed, surprised, and a bit cross with, not just the wedding industry, but the popular media to discover what couples thought they had to include whether they wanted to or not!

  • Getting a marriage license

  • Having someone "give you away"

  • Exchanging wedding rings

  • The Asking - the bit where you answer "I do"

  • Reading long vows out loud

  • Asking if anyone objects

  • Signing the register in the middle of the ceremony

  • Officially declaring the couple married

  • The first kiss

A need everyone to understand just how flexible the process can be.

What is compulsory (in this order) is

  • A legal paragraph the celebrant has to say before you make your legal vow.

  • One simple sentence you have to say out loud - and if reading is a problem (if you don't want to put on your glasses) that can be done "repeat after me" AND

  • While we do have to sign paperwork it can be done afterwards

Everything else is subject to your own desire. Everything. 

Need help writing your personal wedding vows?

I've developed a simple, effective process where we start by just choosing a few words to describe your feelings and build on those words in stages until you have the perfect vows to wow your guest and maybe even make the other half shed a tear!



The instructions that it comes with aren't that clear. My guide takes you question by question and explains exactly what you need to fill out so we don't have to edit it later.


Everything you need to know about deciding if you need to make a booking and what you do or don't need to have a great wedding a park.

So many things we associate with weddings don't mean what we think they do and NONE of them are compulsory. To help you decide if a particular tradition is right for you I've written a guide that explains why we do them and where they came from.

Want to fill out your own Notice of Intended Marriage?

Getting married in the park?

Confused about what traditions to include in your wedding day?

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