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Call me Sally 

I’m a Brisbane Marriage Celebrant with the soul of a poet, the heart of an empath and the ego of a..... hmmm not sure... 


... one of the first records (big black round things) I ever bought was Skyhooks' Ego album.

I've been described as a bit of a closet prepper - but for me quasi self-sufficiency is more about the planet and how much pleasure I derive from creating by my own fair hands. Come the apocalypse I'll come in very useful.

Like what I'm wearing? I make all my own clothes using a lot of upcycled fabrics.


Brisbane Marriage Celebrant Sally

Think of me as the wise old village elder who has guided generations of townsfolk through the important moments in their lives. The happy and the sad times, the important and the fun times, where I can support, advise and facilitate memories you will cherish forever.

I have, literally, decades of experience in writing, presenting, and life in general and I absolutely promise that I will feel just like a trusted family member by the time we’ve come to know each other. Your guests will assume we’ve know each other for many years.

It's the best job I've ever had, and I've had quite a few; from check-out chick to tour guide, from patchwork teacher to bookkeeper and a ship-load in between. 

brisbane marriage celebrant

My Other Passions

  • Cooking from scratch, including preserving our backyard harvest

  • Anything textile – sewing, knitting, crochet, quilting, millinery

  • Theatre (on or off stage)

  • True Crime (although not as a participant)

  • History and Genealogy

  • All things British

  • The genius that is Hannah Gadsby

  • Making music (I play the clarinet)

But NEVER expect my house to be tidy. I've been failing housework 101 for half a century. 

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