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Weddings in the Park

Updated: Mar 19

Here in Moreton Bay we have some truly beautiful places that you can reserve for your wedding ceremony. Waterfront ceremonies, ceremonies in botanic gardens, weddings beside creeks and rivers and gorgeous mountainside or bushland settings. The region stretches from Redcliffe to Bribie Island; from Mt Mee to Ferny Hills and Petrie.

The same goes for surrounding areas. Brisbane weddings can be held at some of the most memorable and picturesque locations in the country.

Do you really need to book the space? It all depends on how many people will be attending, if you want to set up furniture and how much of a risk you’re prepared to take.

Here’s a little checklist for setting up a wedding in the park:

If you want to:

  • Erect an arbour or bring in seating

  • Have more than 20 guests, use my PA or play music through the PA

  • Get married on the weekend

  • Ask others to move on

Then I advise you book because:

  • You cannot erect any decorations or furniture in most council areas without a permit

  • You also can’t play amplified sound in most council areas without a permit, and if you have more than 20 guests we will need to.

  • There's no other way to make sure the space is available

  • If you have permit, other patrons can be asked to vacate the area

If there are only 10 people on a Monday afternoon and you don't want music and styling then you can absolutely get away with not booking the area – but then you still run the risk that they might be mowing! When Council takes a booking they make sure there will be no maintenance carried out in the area at that time.

How much does it cost to have your wedding in the park? Every Council is different. The last time I checked Ipswich was free. My council in Moreton Bay charge $143, Brisbane Council charge by the hour ($170 with a minimum 2 hour booking) and Noosa locations range between $250 and $600 but what they all have in common is the stipulation that you have insurance.

There are websites out there that specialize in 1 off, 1 day public liability policies for events such as wedding ceremonies the park, but they cost, on average, around $300. All Brisbane marriage celebrants have Professional Indemnity Insurance, but I have another policy specifically taken out for booking ceremony locations on public land. Having worked in the construction industry for many years I also know my way around a risk management plan.

So there you go. If you are planning on a beachfront ceremony or a wedding in the park, as your celebrant I can also make the council booking for you. Yes you’ll have to pay the booking fee but we eliminate that hidden extra of event insurance because I have you covered. Just another way your journey with me is as effortless as possible.

Check out my wedding packages:


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