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Confession Time

I might be pushing 60 and I might be short and fat but I really, really love dressing up. I don’t mean putting on a posh frock and makeup I mean donning a costume and undergoing total transformation. Becoming another character in another time.

BC (before children not quite 2000 years ago) I used to do a lot of plays and the ability to pull the right faces and use the right accent never goes away. I don’t do plays anymore because they generally start past my bedtime….

I am itching for an excuse to make myself a Victorian Corset and go full steampunk. I mean, who isn’t going to feel sexy in a corset, whatever your size or age!

About 15 years ago I made a friend of mine a corset to wear to a Robbie Williams concert and I’ve been obsessed ever since, but in my “real life” I’ve never had the time or the place to wear one. I’ve always loved Victorian era fashion but the real beauty of Steampunk is that you’re not bound by historically accurate fabric choices.

I also totally love Star Trek and have thrown together some TOS costumes at other times but if you want to re-create the Worf and Dax wedding… well… you won’t have to twist my arm.

I also have the perfect stature to be Tweetie-pie’s granny, just saying.

My regular fee schedule includes an additional extra for making my own costume, but if you will be my first cosplay couple that fee will NOT apply, just mention this post.

While I may not have time to make your dress for you I can recommend Becky as a local designer who really understands brides who think outside the square.

My favourite Victorian quote is by Oscar Wilde (slightly paraphrased). “She behaves as if she was beautiful, it’s the secret to her charm”. Surely that is a philosophy for us all.


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