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Can a wedding celebrant marry you anywhere in Australia? Yes, but here's some stuff you should know.

Updated: May 18

can a celebrant marry you anywhere in Australia
Coober Pedy

If the answer is simply yes, what else can I say on the subject? Well if you know me, you know I can always find plenty to say.

What does “anywhere” mean? What do you need to get married “anywhere”? And when can you get married anywhere in Queensland?

Australia is pretty much the only country in the world where an independent civil celebrant can marry you anywhere you want at any time of day and you don’t have to deal with the government yourselves at all.

Can a celebrant marry you anywhere in other countries?

New Zealand also lets you marry anywhere with a celebrant, but you do have to attend a government department and get a marriage license yourself beforehand. Not so here. Australian celebrants are qualified to handle check and receive your Notice of Intended Marriage without you dealing with any bureaucracy.

A lot of other countries let you have a ceremony anywhere, but that isn’t technically the marriage, which is done through government paperwork and appointments in offices or, as in some parts of Asia, purely online. In the UK the celebrant has no legal role at all, so you can only marry in pre-approved public places that are also attended by a government registrar. No backyard weddings in England!

There is a whole post on how other countries make you jump through flaming hoops, or ignore any need for celebration, that I made last year and I’ll link it down the bottom in case you’d like to have a read.

When you say “get married anywhere” what do you mean?

can a wedding celebrant marry you anywhere in Australia
Noosa Hinterland

Where have I done ceremonies?

  • Local Parks

  • Backyards

  • Posh Restaurants

  • Beaches

  • Kitchen Tables

  • Oh – and actual wedding venues

Earlier this year I had to turn down the offer of a hot air balloon. It broke my heart because the couple were just awesome, but I knew I’d be no use to them curled up in the fetal position on the floor of the gondola rocking back and forth as I prayed for salvation. Yeah, I don’t do heights. I love boats and trains though, just in case you’re thinking about that!

What is on my ceremony wish list?

can a wedding celebrant marry you anywhere in Australia
The Ghan - It was wonderful

Trains rank #1 for me, but also...

  • On board a river cruise

  • At an historic village

  • Anywhere with air conditioning (this is my ongoing wish for Summer please)

  • A pub – in the actual pub, not a function room

  • On stage at a theatre

  • In a factory

What do I need to bring to get married anywhere?

What do you need? Not much. The only legal requirement is that all your guests can hear the legal part of the marriage vows. “I call upon everybody here to witness… “etc. If you have less than 20 guests we can get away with no microphones but definitely more than 25 and I have to bring sound or the marriage could be deemed invalid on a technicality. If you’re both theatre kids or opera singers we won’t have a problem.

a celebrant can marry you anywhere in Australia
On the stairs at Whitepatch, Bribie Island

Signing table? You have to sign things, but that can easily be done by resting the folder on someone’s back, or a tree stump or bale of hay or an upturned canoe. No table, no worries.

Decorated Arbour? Yes they are beautiful, but I often wonder to myself why couples choose ceremony locations with a beautiful view of the ocean or the mountains or an ancient Moreton Bay Fig and then block than view with a hired archway.

Chairs? It’s a great idea to have a few chairs if there are guests who might find it difficult to stand for half an hour or so but you don’t need a chair for everyone. If you choose a spot with a natural slope and you stand at the lowest point (or highest), guests will have a great vantage.

An Australian Marriage Celebrant can marry you anywhere at any time. We are not restricted to our region or state so long as we register the marriage with the correct state’s Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. I’m more than happy for you to fly me to Hobart and put me up in one of the Art Hotels overnight.

a brisbane marriage celebrant can marry you anywhere in Australia
Richmond Tasmania

This Brisbane Marriage Celebrant can marry you anywhere at any time EXCEPT in a hot air balloon, …..or on top of the Storey Bridge, …..or on the balcony of a high-rise apartment. You get the idea?

To read more about how much easier marriage is in Australia

To find out how I can make it even easier visit my contact page.

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