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Queensland Marriage Celebrant - Sally-Ann Thomas

The first step in everyone's wedding planning journeys is usually WTF?


What you want for your big day is not  exactly the same as your sister's best friend's cousin's neighbour did at their wedding last year.  

Even if Aunty Joyce says you have to carry something blue, mum insists that all brides wear a veil, dad wants to "give you
away", and your colleague had a sand ceremony.

Or worse, nanna wants to play "here comes the bride" on her piano accordion.......... not all of these ideas may align with your vision.


Let's cut through the BS and plan something you really want.

I will tell it like it is. Always. Tough love? Nah, gentle and genuine love.
Bust the myths so you’re not doing stuff you don’t have to.
Explain the traditions so you know why you’re doing it… or why not.
We will laugh together – and we may even shed a happy tear or two (and that’s just in the planning!)

All the “inclusions” all the celebrants list? Yeah we all do that… PA, Vow Cards, Paperwork… yawn


Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

And have you ever wondered by modern wedding ceremonies seem  just like a church wedding but without the prayers and hymns? YEAH, ME TOO!

So what do you get?

Aside from a few little things we must say to make it legal the rest is up to you. 


Very traditional or totally outside the box?  I bet you’re somewhere in between. Some traditions are truly cringeworthy, but others are worth hanging onto. This day is about reflecting your personality in the best ceremony your friends and family have ever been to. Your most important peeps are gathered just for you and we’ll make them laugh, cry, laugh, cry, cheer. Probably in that order.


I know how busy you'll be so there's minimal  homework. My process mainly involves spending a bit of time together just chilling and chatting. How can I tell your story if I hardly know you? 

A slightly different list of inclusions on my website to most of the other celebs out there.

A listening ear
No rules
Effortless legal process
No lengthy questionnaires
Relaxed meetings
24/7 support
Wit and Wisdom
Calm and Confidence
Plus all the things everyone else lists
Yada yada yada - we all do - no biggie.

Yeah, but what do you really get????

Every single wedding ceremony I deliver comes with:

  • Unlimited guest numbers - my pricing is based on how much creative writing I'll do, not how many people are there.

  • Booking a council park if required

  • A really great ceremony.

Optional Extras:

  • Additional Travel

  • The cost of your Marriage Certficate

  • The cost of your Council Park Booking

What others are saying.....

Sarah Cooper

Sally-Ann made our wedding day special by writing a personalised service, incorporating parts of our hobbies and interests into the ceremony.

I never thought I could enjoy that part of my wedding so much, plenty of laughs from ourselves and the audience. Sally-Ann created a really relaxed and fun atmosphere and made our day truly special.

Thank you so much

Photos on this site have been taken by:

FizzandCo, LM Images, Kruize Mode, George Photography, Leoni Bolt, Jeremy Becker, and Social Media Photographers.

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