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Hatches, Matches                    and Dispatches
with Brisbane Celebrant
Sally-Ann Thomas


I’m a Brisbane Celebrant with the soul of a poet, the heart of an empath and the ego of a..... hmmm not sure... 


... one of the first records (big black round things) I ever bought was Skyhooks' Ego album.

But it's not about my ego its about you having the best hour of the best day of  your life. The ceremony should be the highlight that sets the tone for the whole day, not the boring bit you have to do before the party can start.

Have you seen the Rocky Horror Show? I will be your narrator, standing off to the side while the real stars of the show (you and the crew) remain centre stage. 

Make my day and let me buy the coffee while you tell me your love story. 

Sally-Ann Civil Celebrant


A Lasting Gift

Meaningful and memorable wedding ceremonies with a serving of romance and a side order of fun.

Newly Wed Couple


The First Gift

Marking the birth of a child is a rite of passage that we have observed for millennia.

Image by Omar Lopez


A Final Gift

I can help you craft a tailored funeral service as a fitting tribute for your loved one.

Flowers Candles Funeral


Anniversary Gift

A perfect way to mark a milestone anniversary or acknowledge a loving relationship without official paperwork.

Senior Bride and Groom
Moreton Bay Beach Wedding

Outside The Square

  • Adoption

  • Re-naming Ceremonies

  • Family Blending

  • Separation/Divorce

  • Companion Animals

  • This is Your Life

  • Where did I come from?

Ask me about the many ways I, as a Brisbane Celebrant can help you mark those special milestones in your life; birthdays, anniversaries, divorce ceremonies and much more.


Wendy Gare

I’ve known Sally for about 40 years, and I can guarantee that she’ll make you smile.