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Brisbane Wedding Celebrant

Queensland Marriage Celebrant - Sally-Ann Thomas

I marry couples who want much, much more than your average “I do, do you?”. Couples whose desire is to publicly recognize the creation of a new family with memories they can cherish forever. Memories that leave everyone breathless with anticipation of what is yet to come.

Because my mission is to marry two familiar souls, rather than two strangers, I won’t be asking you to complete lengthy questionnaires. I have no intention of filling in the blanks in a standard ceremony template.


It’s that template we are all given in Celebrant School that perpetuates the myth that the ceremony is the boring bit you have to endure before the real fun begins.


Sure they get the job done, but do you really want your guests desperate for cocktail hour instead of sharing in the biggest moment of your lives?

Why would you spend less time with the person who is going to set the tone for the rest of the day and, (dare I say it) the rest of your lives, than you’ll spend trying on clothes or tasting cake?


Rob & Ben C

Sally’s written and spoken word skills are exceptional. The service was just what we discussed- a perfect combination of elegant traditional moments and light hearted joy.


Incorporating a raft of lovely sentiments we wouldn’t have thought of. Some which engaged the guests and others were just for us.


Lynne & Robbie M

After you left and Robbie and I had conversations with our guests, they continuously commented on how you had conducted the ceremony and how personal it was.


It wasn't just words used every day at every Wedding Ceremony read out of the same old book.

My only regret on the day was that I didn't video the ceremony for that reason.


David & Sarah S

We had the idea that the ceremony part of the wedding was the boring part that you just had to get through but Sally-Ann made it the highlight of the day for me.

She really went above and beyond to write in a way that was relevant and special to us and received many compliments from our guests. 

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant

You may be strangers when we first meet but through the course of our journey together we will have a series of important conversations.


Face to face (in person, but if you really are too far away via video link). Because how can I tell your story if I barely know you? 


These important conversations create authentic connection, deep understanding, creativity, wit, wisdom and insight. A perfect moment of reflection amidst the whirlwind of your wedding day.

My Uniquely You process for writing incredible ceremonies (which I sometimes teach to other celebrants) takes the unique and beautiful story of your relationship with the legal and spiritual functions required for a marriage woven seamlessly through it so your guests travel on an journey with you.


A journey from laughter to tears to laughter to whoops of delight.

So don’t get me wrong. While I take my role as the spiritual facilitator of this ancient rite of passage ever so seriously, I’m very down to earth and extremely humourous; it’s about striking just the right balance that works for both you and your closest friends and family.

I also don’t advocate including accepted wedding traditions or the expectations of others if they don’t feel aligned with you, your values or your budget.

My FAQ page busts a lot of myths and the Resources tab has a few downloads that I hope will be helpful to you in making decisions about what to include and what to assign to history.

Couples ask me to marry them because they want a captivating, witty and yet deeply personal ceremony.

A “still point” of meaning in a day of joyous celebration.

A reflection of who they are, individually and as a couple, that creates a tidal wave of optimism and excitement to sweep them and their guests onto the next exciting chapter of their glorious wedding celebration.  

There’s a lot more I could say and a lot more you can learn about my approach and my process. The easiest way is to fill in your details on the contact page and you’ll receive a comprehensive guide to everything I do for your I do

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