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Outside The Box


Names hold special significance as the first gift a parent gives to a child, but what if that name changes?

There are some very special gifts I was given as a child that no longer hold relevance, including my father’s surname.

If Aunty Doris is still using your old name or pronouns and you want to (not so) gently reinforce your wishes; or if you would like to share with your family and friends the joy of finding your true identity then I would be thrilled to craft a re-naming ceremony with you.

Family Blending

No one is getting married, no names are changing, but you’ve decided to bring two households together to form a new blended family. This too is a happy time that can be shared and celebrated with your friends and extended family.

It’s new and exciting but maybe your kids are a little bit nervous about it. It’s a big change in their lives and they may feel quite uncertain about how they’re going to fit in. Let me help establish their “new normal” in a ceremony to acknowledge the changes happening to every member of the new family with a meaningful unity ritual.

Companion Animals

Our pets are very much a part of our lives and families. Their passing can have a profound impact and one of the ways to help with the grieving process, as with any family member, is to pay a fitting tribute to the years of loyalty and joy they give us.

If you would like to formalize a memorial service or funeral for a much-loved pet I would be delighted to help in your backyard or the local pet crematorium.

Separation / Divorce

In the first instance I’m always going to recommend counseling before you do anything quite so permanent, but if you and your partner have come to an amicable, mutual agreement to separate why not do it in style with a ceremony to thank each other for the good years and promise to respect each
other moving forward without malice.

A great way to reassure children that they still have two parents who will work together to raise them.

This Is Your Life

For a Milestone Birthday, Retirement, Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day celebration. Do you remember the old TV show?

Where Do I Come From?

How much do you know about your great, great, grandparents? Another way to mark a milestone birthday would be to have me prepare a family tree for you. 

As a member of the Society of Australian Genealogists, I have almost 20 years experience in researching the past.