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Seniors Couple Renewing Vows

Commitment Ceremonies
& Vow Renewals

If you are marking a special anniversary and would like to renew your vows you have much more flexibility because there are no legal requirements that have to be met. You and your partner can recreate your original ceremony or have the “wedding” that you always wanted but couldn’t back in the day. These ceremonies are always meaningful and personal as the participants bring together years of shared joy and pain to celebrate the past and pledge for the future.

If you have been separated for a time but have decided to reunite it’s a great way to celebrate true love winning in the end. Don’t we all love a love story?

Some couples can’t see the need for a piece of government-issued paper to prove how much in love they are. That doesn’t mean they can’t publicly acknowledge their relationship, make promises for the future, and celebrate with their friends.

A commitment ceremony can be as similar to or as different from a traditional wedding as you desire. It was the only type of service available to many of our communities until the Marriage Act was amended in 2017.

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