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"5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Vendors"

Updated: Mar 19

5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Vendors
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Planning a wedding, when you first start, I reckon is a bit like arriving in a non-English speaking country without a working SIM card…. So with no access to Google Maps or Translate so how do you find your way to the hotel?

Not only are you navigating in a totally foreign environment, but with a wedding you also might feel like you have to navigate EVERYONE ELSE’S expectations.

I’ve seen couples almost call it off when the stress becomes overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. If you choose the right vendors they will carry the load for you; and choosing your dream wedding vendors involves just keeping in mind 5 simple strategies.

How do I know?

Because, I’ve worked with many couples, many other vendors, and can give you some inside goss on the Wedding Industry.

choosing wedding vendors on the internet

The first tip for choosing your wedding vendors: meet them first.

The success of your day depends on trust and compatibility.



  • Almost every celebrant’s website you land on is going to say the same shite and often doesn’t actually tell you much. Most celebrants are genuine, caring, efficient, creative.

  • We all have a PA. We all do vow cards, all the legal stuff and we all travel. That’s why I don’t list this trivial crap as if it’s a selling point. 

  • Remember that photographer’s online gallery shows only their very best images. Those images don’t tell you how the couple FELT at the time or whether they enjoyed the process.

  • I have had photos taken that I absolutely HATE because I booked online based on their gallery. On the day of the shoot there was ZERO chemistry and the photos reflect that.

  • Stylists, planners, bakers, dressmakers, venues… they are all going to look fantastic in their marketing (and most will say the same things in their copy if you don’t fall asleep reading it).

Choosing vendors #2: Read some reviews. 

choosing wedding vendors using reviews

  • It will help you whittle down your list of vendors to spend time with on a discovery call with, read some reviews. Read the most recent ones, the good and the bad ones. They each tell their own story.

  • When reading the good reviews, look for common words and see if that works for you. “Efficient, Punctual and Businesslike” tells a different story to “Compassionate, Heartfelt and Warm”. My most repeated comment is “she felt like family”… which may not be so good if you don’t get on with yours. 😊 

  • Read the bad reviews and see how the vendor has responded to them to help with choosing the right wedding vendors for you.

My #3 tip for choosing wedding vendors is to ask for recommendations.         

  • Once you’ve found one vendor you really like you can save a lot of time by tapping into their experience

  • A lot of us know each other. If there’s no chemistry when we meet up, I could probably send you to another celebrant that would be perfect for you.

  • Reception venues don’t often see the celebrant doing their thing. The coordinators are too busy finalizing the reception once the ceremony is underway, however, they will know about stylists and caterers.

  • Photographers will know about everyone, including celebrants; they will have seen dozens and dozens of us strut our stuff. They will know who always gets out of the way of the important photos, When a photographer tells me they enjoyed a ceremony it really means a lot. They’ve been to a lot of boring ones.

choosing wedding vendors to suit your budget

Telling wedding vendors your budget up front is #4.

  • Not everyone puts their prices on their website. When you book your discovery call, definitely give your vendor a rough idea of your price range. I have recently put prices on my website so couples know where I’m at from the get go.

  • Don’t use words like “afforable” or “budget friendly” because they mean different things to different people…. or one I hate “doesn’t cost and arm and a leg” . Weddings are not cheap, but I’ve never insisted on an amputated limb in lieu of a realistic payment plan.     

  • Particularly if you’re posting on a Facebook wedding page, indicate your budget…. Can someone provide services for between $x and $y? will save everyone time.

  • This also rings true when you ask for vendor recommendations. If you’re getting married in the backyard and self-catering I’m not going to send you to the same photographer that I worked with at Palazzo Versace.  

But above everything else with your budget…

My last bit of advice for choosing wedding vendors is to be flexible.

When you first start planning, be flexible with EVERYTHING. Including budget, location, time of day, number of guests BUT NOT YOUR DREAM.

  • Your budget needs to have quite a bit of flex. I don’t mean be prepared to spend more, I mean don’t go into your meetings with each supplier thinking – I can’t spend more than $x on this.  If you want a really fancy schmancy wedding cake you might have to cut back on the spend for the signage to compensate. There’s a lot of shite gets bought for weddings that, IMHO, you don’t really need.

  • This is another reason why I want you to speak to your main vendors first. Don’t end up with a boring ceremony or crap photos in order to give out party favours that most guests will forget to take home.  

  • Some suppliers – like reception venues – are cheaper on a weekday because that’s a supply and demand thing. I’m just little old me, and I give my full service whether it’s 3pm on a Saturday of 10am on a Tuesday… speaking of which… I have no idea why morning weddings went out of fashion.

choosing wedding vendors by budget

Because you don’t plan a wedding every week – and most of us do – it makes sense to seek expert help. You would if you were building a house, or planting a garden or having a child for the first time.

That’s why it’s imperative that you ask for expert advice to achieve your goals. I will have ideas you might never come up with on your own. I will be able to explain how to transform your wildest dream into a witty and romantic reality even if others have told you what can’t (or should) be done.


I’d love to have a chat with you about your plans and give you even more insider information on anything, not just choosing your vendors.


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