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Brisbane Marriage Celebrant - Sally Thomas

Creating your unique experience with wit, wisdom, calm and confidence.

The first step in every wedding planning journey starts with....


What you do know is:

  • You want a ceremony that’s about you

  • You want your guests to enjoy themselves

  • You want it to be easy

  • You want to remember this day for the rest of your lives

And have you ever wondered why modern wedding ceremonies seem just like a church wedding but without the prayers and hymns?


Sally-Ann Civil Celebrant

If DO you want....

  • Intelligent

  • Thoughtful

  • Creative

  • Personal

  • Romantically funny and

  • All about you

If DON'T you want....

  • Bogan

  • Crass

  • Formula

  • Generic

  • Stand-up comedy

  • All about the optics

Then I'm your girl! Although, in all fairness, it's been about half a century since I was a girl. 

Where do I come in?

My job is to listen to what you have to say, get to know you and help flesh out your good ideas into a meaningful, well crafted celebration. I will put everyone's else's ideas through the filter of my experience and probably suggest some super groovy stuff you haven't even thought of.


You will be the stars of the show while I take your guests on a journey using decades of writing and presenting experience to make them laugh, cry, laugh, cry and cheer, probably in that order, with only one hitch; yours. 

Moreton Bay Celebrant.jpg

I will be......

1. The Narrator to your Brad & Janet

   – telling your story from the sidelines

2. Hermione to your Harry and Ron

   – getting my homework done while you have fun

3. Gandalf to your Frodo and Sam

   – ensuring a safe journey for my heroes

4. Uhura to your Kirk and Spock

   – keeping the comms open, even under attack

5. Yoda to your Luke & Leia

   – share insight and knowledge I will

So it's probably time we had a little chat! For more information.............

What others are saying.....

Lynne & Robbie

Our guests they continuously commented on how you had conducted the ceremony and how personal it was directed at Robbie and I. It wasn't just words used every day at every Wedding Ceremony read out of the same old book.

We loved how you incorporated both of our cultures.

I want to thank you for being you and you also made our ceremony because of you personality. My only regret on the day was that I didn't video the ceremony for that reason.

Thank you again Sally. You made Our Day very special and a memorable moment that I will never forget.

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